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Thread: vz.61 skorpion NON RESTRICTED barrels

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutinater View Post
    Exactly. Pin the stock and get the barrel threaded for a barrel shroud that extends past the barrel to get the correct OAL
    I like how they look with a wood stock. Would help with the balance and overall length.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goo98 View Post

    Looks like this firearm has been telling lots of lies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goo98 View Post

    Lol no thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyphie View Post
    I found a gunsmith in the states that produced some longer barrels for the vz61 with shrouds. He told me the firearm needed extra modifications since the cartridge is under-powered. Quote from the email: "unfortunately it is not a set of parts that can be sold outright. It is a conversion that requires the gun to be sent in for modification. The conversion is $700 shipped back to you."

    Also found the video:

    That thing looks SWEET!
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