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Thread: I f I bought the LHG on T97.ca Aug 8th 2017 how long will it take to ship?

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    I f I bought the LHG on T97.ca Aug 8th 2017 how long will it take to ship?

    Sorry I try to find more info on shipping on T97.ca but don't think I found any details so I will try my luck here. A few questions hopefully I can get something clear up.

    1) Will it be shipped by Canada Post? Will it require signature (I hope since it is more secure for as I don't want CP just leave a $500 package at the door 10 ft away from the sidewalk)


    2) I paid by Paypal will I get shipping tracking / info update on the PayPal order? Or will I get an update if the package is shipped?

    Update, however, we are not shipping LHGs until Wed. next week due to holidays.

    3) I also bought the magpul stock pad optional part as well. Is there any instruction on how to remove the factory stock pad?

    Yes sir. Detailed instructions ship with the component.

    4) On my Paypal it shows the payment is made to The Upgrade Path not T97.ca, is this correct?


    Thanks so much. I know it's only been 2 days and I sound very impatient. But I hope you can tell how excited I am (a good thing indeed!) waiting to try out the LHG. It seems you guys really did an amazing job making the T97 better. My impatiences is all on the positive side so pls understand

    Roger that brother.

    If you need to confirm the order number with me you can PM any time. Thanks again.

    No problem. We will update middle of next week. Thank-you
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