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Thread: Image and Photo: Direct Image Upload Instruction for Team Members

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    Image and Photo: Direct Image Upload Instruction for Team Members

    This works on both Laptop and mobile device.

    Step by Step Instructions

    On the edit tool bar, click the "picture frame"

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    Select "from computer". This will open up the uploader.

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    Click "Browse". This will open up a file navigator. Highight the file you want to upload. You can highlight one file at a time, and upload up to 7 images to each post.

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    Click "Upload files"

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    The code inside the rectangle will appear. This is your uploaded image.

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    If the file doesn't upload
    The forum is set to automatically adjust your image to stay within the maximum file size. Images taken by smart phone cameras are normally acceptable and could be resized by the forum automatically. If the image is way too big ( like a hi res image taken with a camera), the forum may not be able to resize automatically.

    How to remove pictures to free up space

    1)Go to and click "settings" at the top right corner of the page.

    2)Look to the left, scroll down the side column to "attachment":

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    3) Tick mark the images you no longer need, and click "delete" at the bottom.

    If you have attached pictures to an EE ad and have the ad moved out of display by changing the prefix to "pls remove", the ad and the pictures are automatically archived for 90 days for the purpose of trader rating reference. During these 90 days, the pictures will still be using the space allocated to your account, even if they do not show up in attachment.

    If you are a a frequent EE user and would like to use the pictures attachment frequently, it is recommend that you consider joining the team membership to have a much larger image storage space.
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    To purchase a team membership:

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