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Thread: Cadex Chassis 50 bmg spotted in Arnold Schwarzenegger's new film Killing Gunther.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex Defence View Post
    So far we had appearance in Whitehouse Down, Brick Mansion (Paul Walker), some Swartzeneger movie that I forgot the name and there will be some Cadex rifles in the soon to be released Death Wish (Bruce Willis).
    Deathwish, cool! Hope it's a Tremor

    Hopefully we can see some pictures soon.

    For anyone who is interested, Bruce Willis didn't appear on NRA's $hitlist of celebs who are anti-gun, but this list might be out dated because I didn't see Arnold's name on there either. That being said, I have heard that Arnold has expressed some anti-gun and gun grabbing sentiments.

    If anyone has an updated list, please PM me.

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    He was married to a Kennedy....what do you expect.Mind you his father was an Austrian Nazi party member.Harold

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