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Thread: How To Renew Your Firearm Legal Defence Policy

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    How To Renew Your Firearm Legal Defence Policy

    Hi All,

    Just to make sure everyone understands the process. The Firearm Legal Defence system will automatically notify you of your upcoming policy renewal. You will receive an email with your renewal link. Simply 1. Click the link 2. Confirm all the information is still correct or make any nessassry changes 3. Click complete and enter your payment information. That's it, you're done. A few minutes after you complete your payment you will receive your renewal email with a copy of your declaration page and policy wording.

    If you don't respond to the first reminder, don't worry. The system will send you a total of 3 reminders.

    As always, should you have any questions or Need a hand with a technical difficulty please don't hesitate to call Zach Schwingenschloegl at 250.869.3987 or email at

    Thank you,
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