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Thread: Ukraine's Fort-28

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarvy View Post
    Like the TAR21s, they could be actual FN 5-7s built under license with the agreement they won't export them.
    We know that's not the reason since there was an offer on the table with another importer.

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    Anti riot shields, non lethal weapons in 9mm, grenade launchers , hunting shotguns.... nothing odd at all....I wonder if Ukraine has any hunting “regulations” at all ,depending if your in the east vs west locales in dispute. Or perhaps a Ukrainian variant T 72 or T90 is deemed a nonviolent off road pleasure vehicle with a 125mm cabbage launcher/shredder?
    In that case I’ll take 2, who knows maybe it’s import allowable under “Ukrainian husbandry tractor” over 25 tonne in forest green...who knows???
    I think I read Canada was supplying something in the conflict.
    I guess it depends on the side your on...treaty wise and all. I am all for world peace🙂

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