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Thread: We have exactly one ...

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    We have exactly one ...

    Exactly one of our G9 SKS mag adaptors left and we are done.

    The project has been a successful one, with very little in the way of issues, which is quite surprising given the level of technical challenge involved in the installation.

    We had planned on making some additional improvements in the next run but have decided to hold off until we get a better look at what new laws the Liberal government is about to propose. Anything that attacks the use of the XCR pistol mag in a rifle will diminish the attractiveness of the mod, especially with the added time and cost of the G9 mod.

    Hopefully the pistol/rifle mag definitions will go on unmolested and we can look forward to another run of even better SKS mag adaptors.

    In the meantime we have some other projects on the go and look forward to introducing them to the shooting public.
    SKS KwikRail 2.5 here at last!!!

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    Waiting for the PAL strikes again.

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    No it doesn’t it’s a part buy it quick before someone else does and wait till you can buy your Sks

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