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Thread: M+M Industries M10x DMR - Non-Restricted 18.6 in 7.62x39mm Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotSoup View Post
    for FORWARD ASSIST uppers only. Dont order slick side if you want delivery this fall.
    Even if it isn't what you want, buy it, use it, trade or sell it when the upper you want becomes available...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maple57 View Post
    I had one round that just did not want to come out and I had to drive the charging handle into the table a few times to clear it.
    I had the same problem with Norinco. I had to use cleaning rod to hammer it out.

    I think Norinco is hotter and on setting 2, action cycles too fast. Although there was no damage to the casing.

    What setting was the gas system on when you got stuck casing?
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