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Thread: Canadian made "black" rifle

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    Canadian made "black" rifle

    I spent the last couple of hours catching up on the M+M M10x fiasco.
    One of the more entertaining schit-shows...

    Anyway, from two other now-locked threads, you posted this:

    Meeting with engineering at 10:30 tomorrow

    Oh, what will we have to talk about?

    Now where did I put that Faro Arm...
    Well, looks like we were just a fart in the wind.

    Anyone want a made in Canada/China version
    Chris, I would love to contribute ideas towards a Canadian designed and built rifle.
    I have some notes and doodles from ideas I have been toying with, and from beer drinking sessions with Sean.
    Is Michael Q still with you?

    I have some free time now (laid off again...), so lets discuss!


    EDITED, from post 53:

    I would like to see a complete modular system.
    Also, both traditional and bullpup layouts, with many parts common to both layouts.
    Something that can be swapped around and customized, and that has a lot of parts already made.
    This obviously means using a lot of AR parts, but yet NOT an AR.

    *AR-15 fire control group (FCG) parts (trigger, safety, etc). These parts are common, cheap, reliable, and approved as not FA.
    *AR-15 barrel dimensions, but without barrel extension. Bolt head and barrel extension to have larger beefier lugs. Perhaps 3 lugs?
    *Bolt head to have a larger diameter head to allow for larger dia cartridge heads to be chambered.
    *Completely new bolt carrier, that cannot be deemed a "variant".
    *AR-15 pistol grip.

    *Short stroke gas system
    *Adjustable gas system
    *Recoil spring to telescope into rear of bolt carrier, to allow for a side folder or bullpup design
    *"Classic" wood (like AK-47 or VZ52/57), or modern Aluminum and polymer. Ability to swap parts back and forth.
    *Aluminum to have M-Lok mounts. Wood to be old-school.
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    If you guys can come together in any shape or form that would be great.
    To be honest I want a Canadian designed and built nr rifle to beat the m10x. in 223 or x39. However, it is hard to keep the cost down this way hence the competitiveness is on the line.
    Mr.Trudeau,you imported thousands of unvetted "m" “refugees”and paid $10M to a terrorist. We are struggling to lead a good life yet we are obligated to pay for this privileged class so that they can eat this country alive from the inside.

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    No kidding, seriously CanAmm being open about it, could definitely crowd fund a design and build, for us all, by us all.

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    I'd be genuinely curious to see what sort of early concepts / ideas you have. Perhaps some pics of the sketches?

    Also, I'd be willing to offer my expertise in user experience design / marketing / branding if this effort takes off. Helping bring a CDN rifle to market would be a neat thing to have on one's resume.

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    I’d donate to this!

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    Chris i do not have any IQ (well i am able to avoid the mickey mouse one so considers i m not that dumb lol) but please let us know if you are on something

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    I’d be very much in for this...

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    yes please

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    Feeds off AK Mags
    Picatinny rail
    Chrome-lined barrel
    Crowd-funded development
    Designed and made in Canada
    Price point approx < $1500

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    Would love to support a Canadian made as well

    ** Acceptance of an offer via PM is a binding contract of sale under law in Canada. Please don't PM me if you have no intention of following through on deals. I leave pos/neg feedback as per the CGN EE Rules. Please note I ship expedited with $100 insurance and signature required. Additional coverage is up to you if required.

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