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Thread: Flight of the Valkyrie?

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    Sounds like Federal is already making factory loads for it.
    I'm wondering how they get 90gr SMK's into the case at a length that will fit in an AR magazine?
    Looks cool but I think I'd rather have one of the 6.5's (for now anyway). I plan to eventually add a MV in 223 (and maybe another upper in 300BLK if I can get my hands on another upper receiver). So far my MH has performed very well and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another rifle from ATRS after my experience so far with them.
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    The 224 Valkyrie would be a cool combo.
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    Just ordered a 6.5 Grendel upper for my MV and now saw this! Would be great if it worked out; like what I’m reading about the 224 valkyrie!

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