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Thread: Khan Arms Shotguns

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    Khan Arms Shotguns

    Anyone bought one of these yet? Seems tough to find reviews online as it seems they may sell under different brand names. I am looking for an over/under and these Turkish ones look nice at a reasonable price. Not too many pictures available and I'm having some difficulties determining the exact difference between the two models (Premium vs Skeet). Is a skeet barrel different? I like ejectors over extractors, but is that the main difference between these guns (besides the $100)? I'll be using the gun mainly for trap, but an occasional upland bird or duck hunt will happen with the gun as well

    Any insight would be appreciated

    Khan Arms Setter Premium

    Khan Arms Arthemis Super Sport Skeet
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    I didn't found the evidence that same gun is selling under different brand name in Canada.

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    I'm no expert trap shooter by any means, but I would take the ejectors over extractors for the convenience, and looking at the pictures the buttpad of super sport looks like it would be much more comfortable to shoot if you're putting any volume through the gun.

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    I have an O/U I picked up a couple years ago. For the price I have no issues with taking it into the field and getting it scuffed up. I'm not a trap shooter, so can't comment there.

    Functions well, chokes 4? Came with it. I was not a fan of the safety/selector switch and did a little work on that and the trigger as they were both rather rough.
    It shoots well and I have had no issues with it.

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