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Thread: Remington 870 DM Dlask Arms Shorty Version ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helsinki Cowboy View Post
    You recently made an mcs forend tube assembly for me . Would your 10 inch version allow me to use this assembly on it as the mag tube was too short on my 8.5 incher to accomodate the barrel guide ring/tube assembly ? Also Joe built my shorty on a Police Magnum shotgun (at extra cost of course) . Is there such a thing in the DM world ?
    I was wondering about this. How much too short was it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by call2arms View Post
    I was wondering about this. How much too short was it?
    The 8.5" & 10" (MCS) have different length mag tubes. The 8.5" will work on the 10" but not vice versa. As for the shotguns we will be making every configuration we can but at this point have not been able to get one into the shop to see the changes Rem have made and be able to give you guys a positive answer to these questions.

    Once the shotgun arrives here we will let you know.
    Dlask Arms Corp.

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    Tagged for interest. I have a MCS forend ready to go on to these as well.

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    Might be interested, Had a grizzly mag fed awhile back...got rid of it..was kinda cheap..and the mags were terribly unreliable. Having said all that..I know the rems will be of a far higher quality.

    But it seemed weird having a mag-fed shotgun...with a mag tube still on it...until I used the mag tube for storage for a cleaning kit...I thought that was cool....will the rem's be able to be the same? ...I mean utilizing the mag tube for something useful other than a oversized useless empty guide rod for a pump slider? It would be really cool if you could customize something into it like that.....

    and the question everybody is thinking.....will they come out with a drum mag?
    cheers all
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