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Thread: Sale issues: What now?

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    Sale issues: What now?

    There were several items I was very interested in buying during the online sale. Some of them were unique and fell into categories that had significant discounts advertised.

    But... when the online sale started and I went to look for those items, none of them were available. I tried searching for them individually as well as looking in the category that they had previously been in but they weren't able to be purchased online, so I assumed that they had been sold out and that was that...

    Today when the regular website opened back up, almost all of them were back again, available for purchase and not sold out after-all. But the sale is over and there are no discounts anymore.

    I don't think that there was anything shady involved, as there were lots of problems with the website and I am assuming that these items just never got properly loaded in due to the website problems that were going on during the sale.

    My question is, is there any chance of being able to buy them with the discounts that they had when I should have been able to buy them during the sale but couldn't because of your website issues?

    I'm asking here because I am likely not the only person that this sort of thing happened to and I bet other people would also like to know the same thing.


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    It's a very good observation but I believe they're not taking anymore orders so perhaps the site's database has glitched?

    Would be a shame if you were right.... I wanted a hi power so bad lol.

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    Same here.......had a list of items but was not even able to find them..........
    Ask-hole: Someone who constantly asks for advice then does the opposite of what you told them.

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    Yeah, there was a problem with Reliable's database during first few hours of the online sales, it was only showing a fraction of items, the problem was discovered and fixed a few hours later.

    I had the same issues around 7:30 pm Saturday but was able to find what I was looking for by doing a word search.

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    Sale is over guys. I think everybody and his neighbours would have bought a HP, an sx3 and an x-bolt had there been infinite stock. But there wasn't. So move on, there will be other sales.

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    When the online store opened they had problems, after a few complaints they got it sorted out and I was able to make my purchases without a hitch.
    By 8pm PST everything fine for me...

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    There was a gun for sale on the EE that I really liked, but someone else bought it. I wanted it though. What’s going to happen in my situation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subullmatt View Post
    There was a gun for sale on the EE that I really liked, but someone else bought it. I wanted it though. What’s going to happen in my situation?
    In your situation, you're going to make an irrelevant and completely useless post on a forum and look like an idiot. Thanks for your contribution to this thread.

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