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Thread: 7.62x39 bolt- CNA or NEA?

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    Super GunNutz neoconfection's Avatar
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    I've fallen for TNA too many times to count...I bought an old NEA upper a few weeks ago because it was super cheap and sure enough, both the handguard and the upper had to be hand-fitted to my lower.
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    I had an NEA in x39, I worked it out that the bolts lasted for 1500-2000 rounds (surplus). I would recommend anything over NEA.

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    My bolt lasted roughly 5K. Barnaul and Norinco new stuff. Never surplus corrosive. Sheared lug. Also would recommend anything else. Warranty took 5 months. Rifle was rebarreled and given an old stock bolt that looks like the earliest rendition of a 7.62x39 bolt. Nothing like the enhanced coated one originally shipped with the rifle. New bolt had the wrong extractor, had to install the one from my broken bolt they shipped back. Just a weird way of handling service. I appreciate the new barrel seems legit but it won’t reliably feed even with the correct extractor. Stuck cases and BCG nightmares. I’m invested into 7.62x39 right now so I’ll be taking the rifle to a gunsmith in hopes of fixing it for cheaper than buying an SKS just to burn off stockpile. Will prob be going the 300 blk route after. Also the lower is not exactly in spec. Had to file and heat fit a beaver tail grip.

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