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Thread: Jan 12th, Closing Early due to weather

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    Jan 12th, Closing Early due to weather

    It's supposed to start ice raining then snowing here around 4pm so I'll be sending everyone home at 3pm today.

    I'll also be posting an online sale later today so keep an eye out for the official post.

    The discount code is "Winter" and it is for 10% off. It is active online now.


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    Trade you! Tuesday, +1, inch of rain, next day -17. People are still skating in the streets. Literally!! Worst I've ever seen in Sk. in over 50 years. Thank God for 4wd, and studded winter tires, even with that, it's absolutely nuts.

    Good luck out there.
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    Yep my sidewalks and driveway still have half an inch of ice on them. All that rain then -40 with the wind 24 hours later. Still wondering how I’m going to get all this ice off my walkways.

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