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Thread: Redding Has Landed

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    Redding Has Landed

    The shop keeps filling up as more brands are landing. Our newest addition to the expanding selection is Redding Reloading. We now have a great in stock selection and are happy to take special orders for anything unique or hard to find that you are looking for.

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    Give me a call if you have any questions or issues and I would be happy to assist.

    Lindsay Schmidt
    Account Manager

    Great North Precision
    Unit #130 1979 Windsor Rd
    Kelowna BC V1Y 4R7

    Toll Free: 1.888.622.1566

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    Excellent, and judging from the photos you guys have lots of stuff. I will for sure grab some stuff from you guys in the future

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    There's an incredible amount of drool in that second picture.

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    Wow, a new place in town that I can drive to in 15 minutes and blow some cash.
    Just what my wife and credit card need......ha!!

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