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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2018: Les Baer Thunder Ranch 25th Anniversary and 5" 10mm

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    SHOT SHOW 2018: Les Baer Thunder Ranch 25th Anniversary and 5" 10mm

    Les Baer had two new variations this year, a limited edition celebrating the 25th of Thunder Ranch and a 5 barrel version of their 10mm.

    The TR25 is limited to 250 pieces, individually serial numbered. It is similar to the standard TR with some minor tweaks such as the thick grips in placed of the thin ones usually found on this model.

    Les Baer already offered a 10mm with 6 slide and in response to customer demand they decided to offer it in 5 as well. Indeed, I did see quite a few 1911s in 10mm throughout the show (I shot two of them as well).


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    Just plain sweet. Me wants.
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    10mm is gaining popularity as people slowly learn about incredible ballistics of this caliber, glad to see it happening.

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    always wanting this model .......Les Baer thunder ranch

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