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Thread: Who wants to PRE-ORDER a TIKKA T1x?

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    Quote Originally Posted by french_fried_taters View Post
    Do these rifles take standard Tikka bases?
    Wolverine. I have money down on this rifle and I'd like an answer to this, too. You have more power than us plebs when it comes to wrenching answers out of Tikka/Beretta/Stoeger...
    Please figure this out for us. I have optics in 30mm Warne QD rings for my precision rifles. I want to be able to hot-swap my optics from my other Tikka rifles on to my t1x. So, in order to enjoy this rifle on DAY ONE, I need to figure out what kind of 1913 rail to order. I need to know, and I'd love an answer so I can line up the appropriate rail.

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    T1X uses same bases as T3X. Identical on top of the receiver
    If you have any questions please call or e-mail:

    Phone: (204) 748-2454
    E-mail: guy@wolverinesupplies.com

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    Hey Wolverine gents! Any update on the mid April delivery of the 17hmr?


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