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Thread: Kel-Tec RDB Bullpup Rifle, .223 - Non-Restricted

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    Also interested... would be nice to get one before Trudeau bans them.

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    KelTec RDB

    Quote Originally Posted by bullseyesports View Post
    Now that we have these in store, we have checked and they are 223 only.
    I bought mine August 2018, instruction manual states for ammo specification 5.56 NATO / .223 REM.

    Barrel is stamped as .223 REM. I do remember reading before I bought it, an article that referred to KelTec stating it would shoot 5.56 NATO and .223 REM. Cannot find article now.

    I have only shot .223 REM through it. Not one single problem shooting. Although it screams for higher capacity mags.

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    We have them on order but no ETA when we might receive them.

    Quote Originally Posted by AlanS View Post
    Hello. Any plans to re-import these?
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    Any of you guys with an RDB- is it any smaller than the tavor? Love my tavor, but it just has too much ass. Like they could easily shave off 2 pounds of excess material, and still have a solid rifle. did keltec get this right, and get the RDB slimmed down? (like an Oprah, slimmed down to a Riyhanna? ).

    Pre-ban shopping spree will be at Bullseye. They are top shelf!

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    I have not spent much time with a tavor, but the rdb is a fairly balanced gun. Not bulky at all. It shoots well for what it is. I have ran various rounds out of it at close range and it will create tight groups. Happy with it for the cost.

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    I believe the RDB to be superior to the Tavor. But I cannot compare to the X-95.

    It was printing 4” groups without having cleaned it and using Federal 55fmj with a 1-4x scope.

    The ergonomics are good. But all in all it is still a bullpup which has its own set of downsides.
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