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Thread: OEM Brass Supply Program

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    OEM Brass Supply Program

    This program is not for consumers. It is for DIV 1 or DIV 2 licensees only

    Why not focus on getting more of your ammunition out the door into the hands of consumers?

    We understand the personnel, technical expertise, and capital resources required for you to produce high-quality brass as a starting point for your reloading process. If you don't have equipment time or personnel available to meet a demand, then other available options typically require you importing brass from the USA. You know this can be a hassle, you have customs, brokerage, hang-ups at the border; this is even before you start factoring in the exchange rate.

    We have also all seen the “sorted” or “processed” brass coming out of some of these big shops, sometimes it leaves a lot to be desired.

    We aim to offer brass at pricing close to the big companies in the USA, this is with the added bonus of you know you are supporting a Canadian owned and operated company.

    We use Camdex processors to complete the bulk of all processing that we do. We do not load ammunition, we focus exclusively on providing a high quality of brass for you to help build your brand. In addition to this, we aren't some faceless corporation, we are a small shop that is dynamic enough to be responsive to your needs as a manufacturer. If you have a specific requirement that you need to be met, we are able to give you an honest assessment if we can meet it or not, we aren't going to oversell our capabilities or inventory.
    Your current process probably looks something along these lines:

    1. Intake brass
    2. Sort brass
    3. Cull brass
    4. Clean brass
    5. Process brass
    6. Trim
    7. Clean
    8. Pre-loading inspection
    9. Loading
    10. Inspect
    11. Package

    What if you could reduce it down as far as?:

    1. Clean
    2. Pre-loading inspection
    3. Loading
    4. Inspect
    5. Package

    OEM / Commercial Reloaders – NRCAN Division 1 or 2 license required

    • We can provide material support on a regular basis or just assist with your surge capacity requirements.

    Current monthly processing capacity in excess of:

    • 1,200,000 pieces of 9mm
    • 250,000 of .223 / 5.56mm

    Custom processing of drum quantities available.

    • Flexibility to meet your processing needs
    • FOB Black Sheep Brass
    • Contact us directly for exact details.
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