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Thread: Open Letter to Ducks Unlimited

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    Open Letter to Ducks Unlimited

    Good morning,

    It has come to my attention that Ducks Unlimited Canada is not sharing the providing information to its membership on the online petition of E-2341.

    This petition which has been endorsed by MP Glen Motz has currently over 140,000 signatures of concerned firearm owners and supporters from across Canada. Provincial wildlife federations have assisted in sharing the information to their members, they are a conduit in sharing this information to firearm owners.

    I am appalled that DU has not stepped up to share in this process. Thousands of DU members are firearms owners and the sweeping legislation which may occurr is something which will affect all firearms owners which in turn will have an effect on conservation and wildlife management. One of your board members from Saskatchewan, James E. Couch holds a seat on the Canadian Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to provide advice to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on pragmatic measures to reform Canada’s firearms policies, laws and regulations to ensure a modernized firearms regime that will keep Canadians safe and safeguard their rights and freedoms in an open and democratic society. Yet, Ducks Unlimited will still not share this information with its membership?

    How am I as a business owner in the firearms industry, a sport shooter, a hunter, a former RCMP officer, and a landowner expected to continue to support an organization which will not even share E-2341 to its members?

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 204-748-2454 or


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    Do you have anything in writing in regards to this action from DU?

    We would like to broach this immediately with our chapter as well, given how much we as a community give them.


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    Well Done Mr Wolverine and Much Appreciated.

    Petition E-2341 @ 150476 Signatures so far !
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    Sounds good, those people really need to get their sh*t figured out! One thing man, just re-read your very fist line. There's a couple spots.{left out a word etc.} You'll know what I mean. & No, I'm not being a grammar nazi lol Cheerz!

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    I applaud you for bringing this to light!
    I believe the media/liberals have done an excellent job at disinformation and divisions among our own ranks as owners and sportsmen wether it be hunting or competition and just family plinking.
    Our community as a whole does not understand what we all have to lose if this goes ahead all in the name of “public safety”!!

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    AFAIK from 20+ years of involvement, Ducks Unlimited has never helped in any fight against the tyranny of civilian disarmament.
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    I’m almost 90% positive ducks unlimited had a post about it. I remember sharing it to Facebook but it has now been taken down ??
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    Good! Too much inaction these days, it's disgusting.

    Derpa derpa, it doesn't affect my duck so i dont care derpa derpa derpa
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    They should be publically shamed into standing up to this nonsense!!!! How can they tuck tail and say that they won't support it by even sending out notification to their members! The politics of it all is disgusting, if what I read is true, that they don't want to get involved so as not to lose any of their beloved "Non-gun owning" sponsors/members!!!

    I'm going to be contacting a few of my friends that are on the committee in my area to give them proper hell.

    I mean, if they are that two faced and concerned about their image with respect to guns, then why do they raffle off "GUNS" at every dinner that I've ever been at!!!!!!!!!!????? No problem putting their name on semi auto 22's, rifles, and shotguns that have the more classic hunting look to them. I have a feeling that all that is just an excuse, and the real reason is that they don't want to be associated with more modern rifles and shotguns because of what the media has made them into!

    I hope they lose a ton of support because of this!!!! Man, the money I have donated, the DU golf tournaments, the raffle tickets and the live and silent auction items I've bought and bid higher would fill a room!!!!

    I'm done with them until I hear otherwise!
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    I will personally be bringing up at my range meeting that they should stop supporting this organization. Hope others do the same.

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