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Thread: Wolverine's WK180-C

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    Wolverine's WK180-C

    Alrighty folks the time has come to get the release done!! There is a good chunk of reading for you below, so I am going to give you a quick short and sweet version here before you dive on in. It's NR, there is no FRT, it's $995.00 plus shipping and tax, .223 Wylde, Ambi controls, made in Canada, ETA for the first 300 units is 12-16 weeks, NO we will not be putting a Spartan logo on the first 300x units, ( That went so well last time ), and we will roughly be seeing 20-50 units per week after the initial batch. Its a first come first serve, so pitter patter, check out the link right below this, and As always:

    You can E-mail us at:

    You can Call us at: 204-748-2454

    You can send at letter to: Box 729 , #1 River Valley Road, Virden, MB, R0M 2C0 , Canada

    You can send a messenger to : Lattitude - 49.89617 | Longitude - 100.85384 NE 5-11-25


    LINK TO THE WEBSITE --->>>>>>


    Here at Wolverine Supplies we are proud to announce the WK180-C non-restricted rifle. This exciting “new” rifle was conceived with the goal of providing a simple, reliable, semi auto rifle to the Canadian market with a target retail price of $995.00 Canadian dollars. Most people claimed that this would be impossible to achieve but by keeping that goal in mind from the beginning, we are delighted to say we have achieved it, well at least for our first order.  Here at Wolverine Supplies we took our ideas to Kodiak Defence and working with their design team the result was the WK180-C that we are introducing to the market today.

    This is not a custom rifle, if we offer different options then the price has to go up, which defeats our original goal of keeping it affordable. Remember what Henry Ford said: “You can have any colour you like as long as it is black.”

    We have utilized as many standard “off the shelf” components’ as possible in order to achieve our target retail price of $995.00. The WK180-C will provide a good platform for “plinking”, hunting small varmints and informal target shooting. The lightweight and easy controls make it an ideal choice for teaching youngsters firearms safety and basic marksmanship principals. The WK180-C also provides a good basic rifle that owners can easily customize to suit their individual requirements.

    Our initial commitment to Kodiak was for 1,000 units, with an immediate PO for 300 units. The ETA for the first 300 units is 12 to 16 weeks. After this, estimated production will be 20 to 50 units per week depending on our demand, other factory commitments and the delivery of raw materials. We will continue to update the ETA as this project develops. Our goal is to be able to keep these as an in stock item.

    Lower receiver: Manufactured in Canada by Kodiak Defence they are CNC machined from Aircraft grade 6061-T6 Aluminium and black hard coat anodized Class III. The WK180-C lower is a direct replacement for the factory AR-180B polymer lower receiver.

    Trigger unit: We are using a standard AR15 trigger, sear, hammer assemble, this should allow owners to fit most aftermarket trigger assembles if they choose to. It is to early to guarantee that all aftermarket triggers can be fitted as the WK180-C uses a different safety to the AR-15 due to thicker receiver walls, so some gunsmithing may be required.

    Upper receiver: Most people will recognize the similarity to the AR180 B but instead of a stamped tin receiver we are using a new receiver CNC machined by Kodiak Defense from Aircraft grade 6061-T6 Aluminium and black hard coat anodized Class III. The receiver features a 1913 type rail on the top to allow the easy mounting of any optics or iron sights. As supplied no optics or iron sights are included. The bolt carrier is a modified design from the original ArmaLite as the gas piston is higher due to the use of a barrel retaining nut. We use the original style of twin captive recoil spring guides which I believe was pioneered in the US WWII M3 “Grease Gun”. This system allows for increased clearances to enhance reliability and also keeps wear to a minimum. The added advantage is that as no operating mechanism extends rearward of the receiver and therefore a side folding stock can be used.

    Gas system: Short stroke gas piston utilising a one piece gas piston and piston cup. We now use a one piece gas piston similar to the FN FAL and the gas cylinder plug is threaded in like the M14 gas cylinder plug. Our pre-production prototype features a short piston, we are looking at moving to a medium length as I think it presents a more balanced look for production guns.

    Barrels: We have utilised standard AR15 type barrels using original AR15 barrel nuts. By using AR15 barrels we have allowed for easier customisation should the owner require to do so. Barrel length is 18.7 inches / 467 mm to insure non-restricted classification. We have standardised on a medium heavy profile barrel with a 1:8 twist. The combination of barrel length, profile and lightweight gas system has resulted in a lightweight rifle with good handling characteristics and balance.

    Hand guard: A simple light weight free float hand guard that clamps round the barrel nut. Features a 1913 rail on the top and M-Lok on the sides and bottom.

    Butt stock: Again in order to keep to our target retail price all rifles will be shipped with a AR15 type buffer tube and a retractable butt stock. This of course allows for a whole range of aftermarket butt stocks to be used at the owners choice. We will be offering a side folding hinge adapter as an aftermarket option.

    Caliber: Initially the rifle will be available in .223 Rem, chamber will be .223 Wylde allowing unhindered use of both .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO. In the future we do plan on producing her in caliber 7.62x39 and yes, in this caliber we would be looking for a chrome lined barrel, that may put the price up. In 5.56 she uses standard AR15 type magazines, two magazines will be included with rifle, initially these will be the excellent 5/30 rd Hera mags. Following the original ArmaLite design the bolt will lock to the rear when the last shot is fired but there is no bolt release catch. Recognizing that there is no bolt release catch we have made the reciprocating bolt handle reversible to suit either left or right handed shooters. A bolt release catch may be added in the future, no guarantee at this time that it will be in the first production run.

    Warranty: All WK180-C rifles will carry a full one year warranty against defective material and workmanship. All warranty will be carried out by Kodiak Defence.

    Initial field results are extremely favorably, so good in fact, that full production is already underway. These will be available from us, Wolverine Supplies or from any of our stocking dealers. Assuming no major hold ups first rifles should be available in 12 to 16 weeks. We are not taking any pre orders but we are taking purchase orders now. Payment in full now and delivery in 12 to 16 weeks. Should you wish to cancel at any time we will issue a full refund less a $50 administration charge. We will share deliveries between our loyal retail customers and our stocking dealers so please feel free to support your local dealer. Our initial commitment to Kodiak was for 1,000 units, with an immediate PO for 300 units. The ETA for the first 300 units is 12 to 16 weeks. After this, estimated production will be 20 to 50 units per week depending on our demand, other factory commitments and the delivery of raw materials. We will continue to update the ETA as this project develops. Our goal is to be able to keep these as an in stock item.

    Retail price $995.00 plus shipping and tax.

    Many of you will be asking: "Where is the FRT?" the answer is simple, the FRT is pending. As the FRT is not a legal or mandatory requirement the responsibility of ensuring the rifle "is legal" rest with us, the manufacture. The WK180-C rifle receiver is a copy of the non restricted AR180-B, this receiver is already approved as produced by at least two other manufactures. On the WK180-C the barrel is 18.7 inches long, the overall length is with in prescribed limits and she is shipped with two 5 rd mags. There for she meets all the current requirements for a non - restricted firearm.
    . When a firearm is manufactured outside of Canada the importer is required to obtain an International Import Certificate and the Government policy is not to issue a IIC with out first having an FRT. We were told this was a legal requirement, when in fact it is not, but it is Government policy.

    It is not a fluke that the AR180-B is non restricted. We imported the first one from Armalite in 2002 she was declared prohibited by the authorities. I faxed them my presentation as to why that classification was not correct and that she should in fact be restricted or non restricted depending on barrel length. My presentation was accepted and the AR180-B was re-classified non- restricted allowing us to import and market the AR180-B for as long as she was in production.

    As the WK180-C is manufactured in Canada by Kodiak Defense, there is no legal requirement for us to wait for an FRT before manufacturing and marketing the WK180-C, I have this confirming in writing from the RCMP SFSS. See following e-mail:

    Good day John:

    With respect to your statement: - “If Wolverine Supplies was to manufacture a semi auto center fire rifle in Canada with a 19 inch barrel I assume we could simply go ahead and market her without your inspection as there is no legal requirement to have an FRT”.

    1. For the purposes of the FRT, I would like to draw a clear distinction between the “manufacturer” who makes all components from “scratch” including the receiver and barrel and is not just an assembler of components with metal working, metal finishing and woodworking skills, which accurately describes the average “gunsmith”. The former is a “manufacturer”, the latter is not.

    2. I presume that Wolverine (the business entity) in the hypothetical statement above, and their supply chain have all the required licences and authorities.

    Then the answer is YES, BUT the manufacturer assumes full responsibility for assuring accurate classification of the firearm and accessories such as stocks and cartridge magazines.

    Be aware that other regulators may require an FRT Record for their purposes.


    Bill Etter

    F.A. William (Bill) Etter
    Chief Firearms Technologist
    Specialized Firearms Support Services
    Firearms Investigative and Enforcement Services Directorate
    Specialized Policing Services


    If you choose to wait for an FRT before ordering please feel free to do so. If anyone has any concerns or questions I can be reached at:


    Please note, this rifle is not in stock, it is a back order only. Orders will be filled in the order that they are received. Orders can be cancelled at any time with a full refund, less a $50.00 administration fee.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before placing the order.

    Photo shown is of the pre-production model, actual firearm may not be exactly as shown.


    The WK180-C is designed and manufactured in Canada to provide an affordable, reliable, lightweight rifle for recreational shooting. The upper receiver is finished with a 1913 rail to allow the fitting of optics or iron sights, sights not included. She is chambered in .223 Wylde which allows the unhindered use of both .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO. Standard AR15 type magazines are used. The free float railed hand guard allows for the attachment of your favourite accessories.


    Manufacturer: Kodiak Defense

    Model: WK180-C

    Calibre: 5.56 NATO / .223 REM

    Action: Semi-Auto

    Safety: Type: Ambidextrous

    Trigger Type:
    AR 15

    Barrel Specifications:
    18.7 inch Chrome Moly. Medium Heavy.

    Twist Rate: 1:8

    Gas System: Short Stroke Gas Piston

    Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Hider. 1/2 x 28 tpi

    Upper Receiver: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

    Lower Receiver: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

    Furniture: Retractable

    Handguard: Free Float, 1913 and M-Lok

    Sights: Not Included

    Finish: Black hard Coat Anodized Class III

    Capacity: 5

    Weight: 7.25 lbs

    Overall Length:
    36.7 inches

    Condition: New


    Accessories Included: Two 5 Round Magazines
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    Cooooooool!!!! Ordered. Pick up in store I hope, Ill worry about the shipping charge later!
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