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Thread: Scorpion evo 3 NR, gonna get it when available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hihi962 View Post
    Not sure about that grey area or rebarreling a gun, I am more of a stock, correct frt kinda dude.
    All you need to do after you rebarrel it, is get a verifier to say "yup that sure is an 18.6" barrel on a semi auto centerfire thus not-restricted". There is probably already a FRT entry with a non-restricted evo 3, especially if Reliable gun is selling one openly

    Quite frankly its pretty common to have people rebarrel firearms to different lengths to make them non-restricted, the M1 carbine springs to mind as a common one having an 18" barrel, with citadel selling a 18.6" unfinished barrel to replace it with.

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    Not even close to a grey area.
    Had 3 ACR's converted. Removed from registry.
    G96 smells awesome.
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    I am still pissed I didn't buy a few scorpions from you guys... totally asleep at the wheel.

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