View Poll Results: How should the WK180-C 7.62x39 be configured?

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  • Leave the lower alone so we can use AR mags!! Think of the pistol mags!!!

    628 51.82%
  • Rock and lock those AK mags, the only true option for 7.62x39!

    335 27.64%
  • Offer it as a conversion kit only... no point in buying another lower.....

    193 15.92%
  • Bad communist caliber.. NYET!!!! No 7.62x39 for you.

    56 4.62%
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Thread: Wk180-c 7.62x39

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    Quote Originally Posted by taran1 View Post
    .308 would be so sweeeeet!!
    How is that even relevant to the conversation

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicu1981 View Post
    How is that even relevant to the conversation
    Posts #168 & #169

    Quote Originally Posted by specialized7 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wolverine View Post
    On the drawing board!

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    Man I have been thinking about this a lot, and it would be really neat if you guys did a run of 6x45 cal rifles (223 necked up to 243). That way I could hunt with it and still use affordable reloading components to keep costs down. Depending on how crazy I feel I might even make it a project with my rifle...
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    AK mags... It is about the cool factor

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    Put a chick in a bikini holding them.....she has to be hot ..... and I’d think I might buy one
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    Quote Originally Posted by BitboyBen View Post
    Any chance for a rimfire version/kit with a big fat magazine? You know... down the road...
    I'd be VERY interested in a rimfire version.

    With rimfire it'd be great to have a short barrel too...
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