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Thread: BCL102 Update, 21 Feb

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatball74 View Post
    there were a few hundred sent out as NEA rifles as well too, no?

    <rant - ON>
    Safe bet that any number, any shred of detail, any bit of information shared by BCL to SFRC and then to the forum will be scrutinized and criticized 15 ways to Sunday. Nobody will be happy, nobody will be convinced, everybody will want something changed. "Can I get a different font on my serial number"??? It's laughable. And it's remarkable how BCL has actually responded - Ambi controls, new charging handles etc... and then there's the boisterous few for whom this information or the changes are just not enough or not exactly what THEY wanted - shades of green? are you kidding? For all the whining, only a few have gone back up for sale... that in itself says a lot about what people are actually getting when their rifle does finally show up. BCL's policy of keeping their heads down and just working through all the start-up headaches is a winning one.

    I'm sure both them and Ryan would like to tell a select few of the people spouting off on here just exactly where they can store their new rifle, but they've kept to the high-road on this. Kudo's for that.
    <rant - OFF>
    Excellent post
    Yep, it's like that.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alinto View Post
    So, today is Friday. You personally went down and picked up a shipment of BCL's. Question, I still see no status update after this event as to the ODG rifles? You claimed that they would be in this shipment you were picking up. But all I hear is silence from you Ryan on this, again! Please, for god sake be more forthcoming with info and SOLID UPDATES! I predicted end of Feb for my ODG, I'm thinking I might change the prediction to mid March at this point!! Prove me wrong, but again I doubt that you can.
    Why would anyone want to give you an update after a Derp post like this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude in G.P. View Post
    Excellent post
    Yep, I’m very impressed with Ryan and BCL’s patience on this and effort to keep people with pre-orders in the loop. Delays happen, IMO, they are doing everything they can to make it right. Keep at it guys, you’ve definitely got me interested in ordering one when the next opportunity arises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingots View Post
    Why would anyone want to give you an update after a Derp post like this ?
    You know, you can kiss my ass as well. Jackass. When they talk about forum Trolls, they refer to people like you!
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    Iím locking this and starting a new one Monday afternoon. Some black guns and ODG ones shipped this week. More ODG and black ship on Monday and Tuesday. We ended up getting more black and less ODG when I went up.

    Some went to dealers as well.

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