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Thread: Christensen Arms AR15 CFW, group buy???

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    Would it appeal to more people if we went with a 20 inch barrel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianma65 View Post
    Hello CGN members,
    I have an opportunity to buy a custom run of AR 15 Christensen Arms Carbon fiber wrapped barrels.
    .223 finished at $18.6 inches.
    Cost is around $650 to $700 cad per barrel.

    I will have to order a minimum of 10 barrels.

    Your looking at about 10 weeks , +\_ to get the run completed
    Once completed, barrels will be shipped to Prophet Rivers facility in Washington,and then shipped to Prophet River ,in Canada.
    This may run another 6 weeks.

    Prophet River will then ship the barrels to me, once I receive them,all barrels will be shipped to purchasers.

    All in, you may be looking at 4 to 5 months ,before you see your barrels.

    The only way to speed up the process,is if you order 20 inch barrels.

    Hereís how it will work.
    I would want a deposit of $600 per barrel, once 10 barrels are counted for,I would order and pay for them.
    Once I receive them,Iíll collect the remainder owing.

    Hereís a breakdown of cost.
    Barrels $438.75 US per barrel
    Shipping to Washington $10 US per barrel (guesstimate)
    Prophet River fees. $100 Import fee, +GST + shipping to me.
    Then shipping to you.

    Iím not looking to make any money from this transaction .
    I just want a barrel,which Iíll equally pay for.
    I will provide a copy of email,from Christensen Arms,showing price.

    I think we could do this for $600 Cad.

    Thatís a great price for a CFW barrel.

    Please contact me VIA PM, for any additional info.

    I am posting this add ,with the consent of Prophet River.

    Thanks Clay


    Barrel can be viewed on CA website.
    Just click on 18 inch AR15 CFW barrel and add a 1/2 inch

    5 spots left
    Excellent barrel for your non restricted build
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