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Thread: 9.3 250 grain accubonds back in stock?

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    Got mine in the mail yesterday, gonna have to fire form some brass in the next couple weeks

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    Just ordered. Going to load these over some Big Game powder. This will be one hell of a hammer on game.

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    Had the opportunity to harvest this Muskox (No1) on Banks Island in the NWT with my beloved Husqvarna M46 in 9.3x57 using 250gr Nosler Accubonds. I can honestly say that this gun works great in any extreme cold conditions (not to mention these bullets)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepperpopper View Post
    What do you like this bullet best for. I have been shooting the 286 partitions. And the Hydrostatic Stabilized 286s.

    One minor point is that Tradex site often won't return a result for minor variations in search term. So 9.3 gets you most bullets, but some come up only when I search 9.3mm. Noslers are among the latter.

    I have used that bullet on elk, moose and bear, it has been deadly on everyone of them. In my 9.3x 74 I can load them up so they are exiting at about 2675 ft./s at this velocity, this combination shoots as flat as my 308 with 168's, who needs a magnum, this is deadly out to 400. Terminal performance is fantastic

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