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Thread: support for eddie Maurice's self defense case Please read...

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    support for eddie Maurice's self defense case Please read...

    We would like to take this opportunity to help with spreading the word about Eddie Maurice...the Millarville man who was charged for defending his family and farm from unknown intruders in the middle of the night. As we know that in rural areas the police are not always close by and often the only protection a person might have is their firearm. We also know that every court case sets precedence over the next....a win in this case will be a win for every firearm owner in Canada..

    We had a customer notify us that they were at the rally in Okotoks today and his case was adjourned to April 6th.

    To help Eddie Maurice's defense fund:

    Donations can be made at any TD band on account number # 8079-6142303

    Also EMT's can be sent to
    If you make a donation by EMT, please make the hint: IRG
    The security question should be: IRUNGUNS

    As we know, every win in the courts is a victory for the entire firearms community.

    The IRUNGUNS Team
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    Sorry, nothing attached.

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    Cm'on guys we really need to all chip in for this guy, I was at the rally and I saw him show up for court with his wife and toddler child......and looking at his face tore the heart right out of me....this is a guy who may goto jail....for trying to defend his family.....and their faces showed how scared he was.

    We gotta help this guy.........this could be any one of us in his shoes

    thanks IRG's for posting guys are awesome
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    Fair enough. 1st, what are the details of the chain of events. This is the first Ive heard about this case. What happened specifically? Can I read up on this somewhere? Thanks.
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    What about a Go Fund Me? Word gets spread easier that way.

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    Wow, thanks IRG for stepping up to the plate!! A gofundme should be started aswell as more information about what happened. These poor guys fall under the wayside without much media and it effects all the rest of us!!

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    Also happy to donate found this on the internet about the case

    from the CBC

    Maurice, 33, was charged after shots were fired on his property in the Okotoks area, wounding a suspected thief.

    The court appearance on Friday morning concluded with the matter being put over until April 6.

    The situation has fuelled debate about how far rural landowners can go in defending their property.

    "At this point, the landowners are left feeling they have no other choice but to arm themselves," said George Clark, organizer of the rally in support of Eddie Maurice in Okotoks.

    "We're actually looking for some sort of changes within the system that allow rural homeowners and landowners to become their own trained first response."

    Rural Albertan, alleged burglar charged after shots fired near Okotoks

    The issue of landowners demanding more rights to defend their property and themselves slared back into the public eye in 2016 after Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley shot and killed Colten Boushie, a passenger in a car that entered his property. The debate has intensified when Stanley was acquitted last month after arguing at trial that his gun fired accidentally.

    Police were called to the property near Okotoks in the early morning hours on Feb. 24 when a number of shots were fired after the homeowner saw someone rummaging through his vehicles.

    Two people fled the scene but one man suffering an arm injury was located soon after.

    Ryan Watson is charged with trespassing, mischief to property, theft under $5,000, possession of methamphetamine and failure to comply with probation.

    As Maurice and his family arrived at the courthouse on Friday, defence lawyer Tonii Roulston thanked the crowd for supporting her client.

    "These are individuals who have had no interaction with the criminal justice system," she said. "This is an unfortunate and unfair position that they've been placed in."

    Rural property crime jumped 41%
    Landowners are expressing support for Maurice, and have raised nearly $11,000 online for the family's legal defence.

    Speaking before the rally, Clark said rural property owners are easy targets and echoed many landowners' concerns: "There's simply far too much of it."

    Eddie Maurice
    Okotoks-area rancher Eddie Maurice is facing charges after being accused of shooting an alleged thief who was trespassing on his property. (

    Online, locals are complaining about slow police response times and an increase in rural crime.

    The ranchers aren't wrong; between 2013 and 2017 rural property crimes are up 41 per cent, according to RCMP, though spokesperson Cpl. Curtis Peters says some of that increase can be attributed to an increase in reporting.

    'We are not the bad guys here': Protection of property debate heats up after rural Albertan charged
    Cory Morgan — a blogger and once-candidate for the former Wildrose party in Calgary — says people defending their family and property should not face criminal repercussions.

    "As has become an unfortunate trend in Canada, the victim is treated as the criminal should they choose to defend their family and property from intruders."

    Duncan Milne, who lives in Didsbury, attended the rally and expressed similar frustration.

    "We can't do bugger all to protect ourselves," he said.

    Milne says those who are committing crimes aren't being punished sufficiently.

    "Put him in jail and leave them there. I don't care, just throw away the damn keys. I'm tired of it," he said.

    "Until somebody gets killed, nobody's going to look at it seriously, and that's what we're looking at right here. Somebody took a shot at somebody."

    Maurice is currently out on bail.

    No wonder we didnt hear about it the guy that was shot is a white male . No story of racism for the press to make it interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    What about a Go Fund Me? Word gets spread easier that way.
    This right here.

    I'd be willing to bet that a proper gofundme page, will receive far more attention .: donations. These fights are 'must wins' for us all!
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    April 17, 2019.

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    I have been following this case.
    My donation is inbound.
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