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Thread: Athon Cronus BTR 4.5-29X56 - BOX Test

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    Athon Cronus BTR 4.5-29X56 - BOX Test

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    The Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29X56 represents their top level scope and it is a very good scope indeed. Surprisingly compact, it packs all the preferred features in a 34mm tube. Zero stop, 10 mils per revolution (0.1mils clicks), Xmas tree reticle with 0.2mil spacing, illuminated reticle, and a ton of travel in elevation and windage.

    All the factory specs are here.

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    Made in Japan, the Cronus BTR uses some of the nicest glass coming out of this market. I was generously lent a S&B 5-45X56 PMII High Power to do some side by side comparison. Looking at my target chimney at 1030yds and other landscape features, there was precious little difference between the two over several days of viewing under a wide range of light and weather conditions. Clarity and resolution was surprisingly good in pretty heavy mirage. This is definitely ED glass and not just a marketing spec

    Was glassing a hillside at least 1 mile away and no problem to resolve the wild scrub grass and bare branches. This is some of the nicest glass I have looked at. And keeping it focused was not fussy. Once I set for over 1000yds on the side focus, it was all easily viewed and in focus. It felt like a really high end spotting scope.

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    Using a new gen eyepiece, the view is easy to pick up and no tunneling. Good long eye relif and similar to other scopes in this product mix. Massive diopter adjustment range. Getting a razor sharp view of the reticle is no problem. The reticle is also thinner then the Ares BTR I just reviewed. I feel this is perfect for LR and ELR shooting. I had no problem seeing and centering the reticle on objects 0.2mils at around 1000yds.

    There is a fire hydrant around 935 yds and I had no problem aiming on the bolt on the top to open the hydrant. Should measure it one day but ball parking around 3" in circumference???

    The mag change lever is small as they are anticipating shooters to add a mag lever. It moves smoothly with easy effort so not sure if a large lever is really needed. Will decide when I get more field time.

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    The only real niggle with this scope is the side focus knob... location and stiffness. Sized similarly to the illumination knob, you can mistakenly be rotating the on and off knob thinking it is the side focus. There should be a bigger difference in diameter. But there is no doubt you are turning the side focus knob cause it is STIFF. I know some tension is nice so it doesn't move on its own but this is kind of silly. It is one of the most uncomfortable knobs to use and it requires alot of effort to work BUT it does work very well and a clear target image is easy to get.

    I will be making a larger ring to resolve this.

    The turrets are very well marked with clear clicks that are both tactile and audible. Clearly marked as a 2 turn set up although you get close to 3 1/2 turns. Most matches out to 1000/1100yds will only need 1 revolution. 2 turns get you in the 1600/1700 yd range.
    ELR matches to 2000yds can be done within the travel of the scope... with some help from the reticle if conditions demand.

    Zero stop is easy to set up and works very precisely. Basic in design but it works and that is enough for me.

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    From the last test with the Ares BTR, I decided I wanted to test how the reticle and adjustments match up. I scaled putting each shot of the box test on the corner of the target. This would give a very clear indication if tracking was working, matching the reticle and repeating.

    First shot was in the center. Then dialed up and left for the 2nd shot which landed right on the target corner.. YEAH.

    Dial down and shot 3 also lands on the corner. Dial over to the Right and again, 4th shot on the corner.

    Dial up and the wind was picking up so I waited for things to calm down. I guess I didn't wait long enough cause shot 5 went just a bit downwind.

    Return to zero and stack the last shot next to the first. I am really impressed with how well this and the other tested Athlon scopes track, match the reticle and return to zero.

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    Worried, there was a bit of vertical in shots 5 and 6? Well, the target is suspended and swings when the wind blows... yeah, a great idea for a target backstop. So you have to watch the drift AND wait for the target to stop swinging or you get vertical induced in your impacts.

    Note, I am not dialing back and forth to settle the erector springs. I am not taking multiple shots to figure out the average. Shoot, dial, shoot, dial, shoot, etc. This is how I would use the scope in the field or competition and it is great to see a scope that gives you exactly what you are asking it. I will running it through its entire travel this summer as I take my new LR rigs out to 2000yds.

    So Athlon can be rightly proud of their top of the line Cronus BTR. It offers truly top tier glass with solid mechanicals and features for ALOT less then its peer group. Retailing for $2675, this scope is about $800 to 2000 less then others in this class. Fully backed with a no hassle warranty which matches the best in the industry, it makes for a great competitive package.

    And how competitive is this scope, well, it was used by the winner of the 2017 PRS Series Production Division.

    I look forward to running this scope on my upcoming LR rig and take it out to 2000yds.

    To order, please PM or email. Scope is available in MOA or Mils... Black or Bronze.


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    Very good to hear. I may be looking into his as a less expensive option.

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    Let me know... very impressive scope.


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