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Thread: Maccabee Defense SLR Parts Buyer's Guide

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    Post Maccabee Defense SLR Parts Buyer's Guide

    Over the the weekend we put together a guide for choosing parts to complete a Maccabee SLR receiver set.

    We walk you through all the essential components and what options you have for basic or upgraded versions.

    This will likely stimulate some ideas and make sure you don't miss anything.
    Most of the info applies to the AR-15 as well but we are seeing a lot of new people who never touched an AR getting interested because it's a non-restricted platform.

    Feedback or requests for additions, or corrections are appreciated.

    see it here

    this is what it might look like on a mobile phone or tiny laptop:
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    Thanks for this. I was going over in my head what parts I still need looking at my AR’s but this makes it easier.

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