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Thread: FX-9 Canadian Release!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billabong View Post
    I really don't see a problem here. If $150 means so much to you, then you probably should not be buying the gun in the first place but spending that money on rent or food or whatever else you need. I mean, come is a lousy $150! You spend that on dinner at a restaurant. If that $150 is actually that important to you, then just ask them to refund your deposit and buy a cheaper gun. No reason to cry and whine about it.
    You’re awfully forgiving of what might be a breach of contract and a violation of consumer protection laws
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    ^^^this.......looks like no one cares about consumers these days....
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    I suppose some people are used to getting screwed, maybe even enjoy it a little bit.

    When you say you are giving it for a certain price and the buyer agrees and you take their money and hold on to it, it will never be acceptable to change the price afterwards. If you want to change prices around, offer a 0$ pre order, i cannot see anyone getting too upset over a price change on a 0$ pre order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onagoth View Post
    You’re awfully forgiving of what might be a breach of contract and a violation of consumer protection laws
    Yup, in Ontario at least this would be against the law.

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    Since this is starting to devolve into personal attacks on other members I will be locking this thread down.
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