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Thread: Garrison Petawawa PR3 14-15 Jul 2018 Debrief Here!

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    Garrison Petawawa PR3 14-15 Jul 2018 Debrief Here!

    This year, with the increased demand to host PR Matches at CFB Petawawa, I've set up a working programme that will allow new people to get into the game quickly AND compete in a formal match ALL in one weekend.

    With the formal Match taking place of Sunday, the instruction portion of the clinic has been compressed and a most helpful/desirable/sought after/ begged for "walk back" system has been put in place. This allows newbies and experts to obtain or confirm their zeroes or come-ups or settings for these ranges.

    This new format allows shooters to participate on either day. So those who want the instruction and "walk back" of Saturday session are welcome. And of course those who want to come and shoot the Match on Sunday are equally free to do so.

    Now with the new program, the Matches we can shoot are :

    * 200 yard/meter Rapid Follow Up
    * 300 yard/meter Agony Snap
    * 500 yard/meter Snap
    * 600 yard/meter Deliberate


    CFB Petawawa Bravo Range, But we will gather betwen 0800 and 0830 across from the Base Firehall (S-105). Once you show your ID at the main gate, make a quick right and you will see the Fire Hall. Look to your left and you will see a white bldg with 5 garage doors (P-141 Bldg) . We will be meeting in that parking lot. Then we will all convoy to Range Control for your Access Passes.


    14-15 July 2018 Sat & Sunday


    $60 for both days or $30 for the Sunday Match, if that works for you

    $ 10 for the Sentry that Range Control requires us to provide. Morgan has been casually collecting some monies to help out the sentry (ies) but some folks see to have overlooked this extension of courtesy and good will. Now we have to cough up with a more serious application for the needed post. The $10 covers you for the weekend. Or $5 for the single day. And thatís why my astronomic expensive match fees are rising to $60 for the weekend. Iím merely collecting it all for Morgan and Heather.

    Where to Stay

    * About 10-15min from range control (and right by Kelseys)
    * 2 min from base with several fast food/pizza options close by
    * Blackbear campsite on base info and site map

    Material Focus

    Everything I'll be teaching you is based on the PR matches fired by the ORA at Mons Range, CFB Borden. And I should know, I WAS the MATCH Director for the season of 2014! Yup, that's me... in the flesh! LOL

    Here's the breakdown of this new hybrid weekend.....

    Precision (read: Sniper) Rifle Clinics background information can be accessed, downloaded, and read down below:

    The Precision rifle clinic prepares the shooter for competitions patterned after the course of fire shot by the DCRA or Dominion of Canada Rifle association at their Annual Prize meeting for Service Conditions held every year at CRPTC or Connaught Range and Primary Training Center near Shirley's Bay in the Kanata/Nepean area. The course of fire can be downloaded in PDF format at

    These matches are shot monthly by the ORA or at CFB Borden , ON. The ORA follows the DCRA rulebook and course of fire . The purpose of this clinic is to prepare the competitor to shoot these matches.

    Precision / Sniper Rifle Kit to Bring:

    * A safe precision/sniper rifle in at least .223 Rem caliber and larger. .308 Win is a common platform
    * Caliber restrictions exist at CFB Petawawa Range Control Standing Orders (more on that later)
    * Hand operated target turrets on your optic already mounted to your rifle. 4.5 x 14 scopes are common. 6.5 x 20 scopes are seen frequently. 8 x 30 scopes are great optics for these matches. Scopes with a parallax adjustable side focus work well. Adjustable objective scopes work too, but more annoying to work with while in the prone position. Just don't show up with the stereotypical 3 x 9 coin operated hunting scopes because you will be wasting your time (and money)

    * At the Sep 2013 Clinic we had some hunting scopes on the line, they were super frustrated with the coin operated turrets. I warned them, but they insisted. Now they are wiser from this experience. Please; go to school on their experiences.

    * Suggested scope choices:
    - Bushnell Elite 6400, 6500, Sightron, Falcon Menace, Leupold Mark 8
    - Leupold Mark 4 LR/T, Vortex Viper PST, IOR Valdada, Nikon, Vortex Razor, Zeiss
    - NightForce, US Optics, Premier Reticles, Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski
    - My all time FAV entry level scope: Bushnell Elite 3200 10X 40mm Mildot (google it) $ 275 (it's issued with the Barrett .50 cal rifles)

    * Rear bunny, sand bag, mono pod style rear rests work, too.
    * Notebook to record your sight settings
    * Anemometer (Kestrel-style) hand held wind gauges (not a requirement, but nice to start with)
    * Spotting scope and tripod (not a requirement but we can pair you up with someone who does have one)
    * Rucksack, 3 day pack, Assault pack to carry your kit around the range
    * Snacks, granola bars, nuts, fruit, extra fluids, beef jerky is my fav range snack
    * 200 rounds of safe, tested, reliable ammunition for your rifle (hopefully chronographed already)
    * Sunscreen, bug dope, ballistic glasses, hearing defenders
    * Extra food and water (someone always forgets)
    * Screwdriver set - compact enough?
    * OH Shzt Kit (if you don't know, I will teach you)
    * Rain gear or appropriate foul weather gear
    * Shooting mat / folding rifle case/ yoga mat
    * Ensure your rifle is zeroed for 100m

    Caliber Restrictions

    Caliber Restrictions are IN place so .223, .308, .303, .338 calibers are allowed ONLY (hey, it's their sandbox)

    We are constantly in a state of negotiations with Range Control...

    Itinerary for the Weekend

    Saturday AM:

    * Gather across from Base Fire Hall (S-105) and park with us at Bldg P-141
    * Proceed to Range Control and Obtain Access Passes
    * Travel to Bravo Range and Park, Briefing at Range Bldg
    * Instruction on Kit, Rifle, gear, partners, wind reading, etc
    * Zeroing at 100 yards maybe 200 if we are fast
    * Bring your bagged sandwich/lunch/ snacks/beef jerky. No time to drive any where on or off base.

    Saturday PM:

    * Zeroing at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards / meters (depending on Bravo or Yankee Ranges)
    * Impromptu lessons on windreading, spotter/sniper comms, detection and correction

    Sunday AM:

    * Gather (not sure if we will meet at Range Control, more instructions TBA)
    * Registration for Match at Yankee/ Bravo Range Bldg
    * Score Card distributed, Butts set up, Staff assigned, Targets inventoried and prepared
    * Relays squaded, shooter/spotters paired up if need be
    * Range Safety briefing by RSO
    * Conduct of the Match
    * Lunch ON the Range (no time to run into town) Bring a sandwich or two; lots of water and snacks and more snacks

    Sunday PM:

    * Continuation of the match
    * Clean up of range (firing points and butts)
    * Statistics being entered and winners determined, prizes awarded
    * Range March Off


    * Ask me right here in this thread. Others might be curious with the same concerns.


    * EMT of $60 gets you a spot on the roster for both day, but you can shoot the single day for $30(Walk on folks are welcome)
    * NO maximum cap for these Match/Clinic weekends

    EMT Information:
    Name: Tactical Teacher
    Question: What is your Original CGN handle?
    Answer: hungry (all low caps so I cannot mess things up)
    Email address: hungry556 AT

    Somewhere in the EMT, remind me of your CGN handle and which clinic it's for (CQB, PR, or M14)

    RBC tweaked my EMT software into direct EMT process my be shorter!

    Cheers and keep helping the noobs out there!
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    Clinics? M14 - Precision Rifle - CQB Clinics?

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    Yahooo I’m ba k and we got the results sorted out...truthfully it’s me I have to sort out...

    Here are the results and you can check them against your personal do take notes don’t you?

    Name:  9AB6CDFD-3FCA-4B75-9327-A805DAA10144.jpg
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Size:  148.9 KB

    Okay here we go...

    First Place: TheDuck and DiamondDuck 349.21V
    Second Place : PatM and ChrisWard3 343.20V
    Third Place: JohnAT and 330AV8tor 337.16V

    Please note 4th Place was a result of a tiebreaker made by VBull count

    4th Place: HKP and MagicMike 337.11V and notice HKP beat her partner by many points

    Reverse draw for the Wind Reading book by My mentors: Keith Cunningham and Linda Miller.....HDK or is it HKP? I need my reading glasses!

    Some casual observations:

    * some parent child shooting together was awesome to see, even the kids beat the parents
    * husband and wife teams were present. Nice to see the girls beat their husbands butts Hahahaha
    * many new shooters showed moments of brilliance and success. Feast on that success and forget the low scores. I do that in golf...I celebrate my pars and birdies and forget the double / triple bogeys
    * kudos to the new shooters who pulled off perfect 50 point scores, where is sidetrack? He shot a 50.4V at 600m. A personal best should be celebrated!
    * big kudos to the Duck whose two kids, TRDJr and DiamondDuck are beating his butt....I define success as, When the students surpass the teacher.....well done!

    * remember we are marksmen types and we are shooting for points. You all got to meet Callsign22, he is not trained to shoot for points with his work rifles. An inner 4 point hit will cartwheel any ISIS terrorist with his McMillan Tac50. Google search that platform....that’s his “work rifle”!

    Okay, head to the last page on this thread and add your take away from this weekend....

    Cheers, Barney
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    Clinics? M14 - Precision Rifle - CQB Clinics?

    Most Current Hungry or TacticalTeacher Schedule; Just CLICK on the link below:

    Oshawa GTA M14 Clinic Saturday 26 January 2019 $60 15 Seats! click link above

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    Sign me up Barney. EMT incoming!
    Even the worst day at the range is still ten times better than your best day at work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel_62 View Post
    Sign me up Barney. EMT incoming!
    EMT was perfectly done and you are Good to go!!

    I’m excited about getting back up there once again, even if I just got my truck unpacked!,

    Cheers, Barney
    Clinics? M14 - Precision Rifle - CQB Clinics?

    Most Current Hungry or TacticalTeacher Schedule; Just CLICK on the link below:

    Oshawa GTA M14 Clinic Saturday 26 January 2019 $60 15 Seats! click link above

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    Same here, I wasn't ecstatic with my previous performance and am hoping this match will go a bit smoother.
    Also PM me if you need any kind of help what so ever for the weekend.

    See you soon


    Even the worst day at the range is still ten times better than your best day at work

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    Ill be there, barring acts of god haha or work, looking forward to this weekend
    "I shoot better in the rain" TT

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    Hey Barney,

    I have an EMT for 7 people on the way

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    I'll be there too, paying cash.

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    Right behind you,,
    I'm in. EMT sent.

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    I may be in for shooting the match on the Sunday. Moving to Ottawa that weekend, so itll be a last minute call (by the wife)...

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