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Thread: Range Report and my Low-Buck Target Stand - Thanks Range Rabbit

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    Range Report and my Low-Buck Target Stand - Thanks Range Rabbit

    So after seeing all of the praise Glenn at Range Rabbit has been getting on here, I figured I would take the leap and see for myself. Needless to say everything that has been said is WELL deserved. Glenn - this industry needs more people like you. My order was shipped the same day it was received, and if it wasn't for CanPar and weather delays out this way I'm sure it would have been at my door within days. Regardless, I'm blown away.

    Now, for any fellow apartment dwellers or anyone who is looking for a super cheap and portable stand for your gong I thought I would share my solution. I'm sure it's already been done a hundred times, but here it is...

    I headed out to Canadian Tire and picked up a Mastercraft sawhorse, 3' of 3/8 chain, and some hardware and went to town.

    Cost breakdown of my haul before taxes:

    Sawhorse: $14.99
    3/8" Chain x3': $12.87
    3/8" Shackle x2: $13.18
    5/16"x2.5" Eye Bolt x2: $2.38
    3/8"X1.5" Washer x4: $1.56
    5/16 Nut x2: $0.30


    Now the great thing about these sawhorses is they come on sale a couple times a month, so I'm not too worried about it getting accidentally shot up. ALSO, all of the work is already done. No drilling needed thanks to two pre-drilled holes on the top surface. All you have to do is cut out the padding and you're good to go.

    I bolted the eye bolts into the holes with a washer on either side. I went with a smaller sized bolt in hopes that it would still be able to fold... which it did!

    From there I used shackles to attach the chains to the eye bolts. For those looking to do something similar note that it doesn't look like any larger of a shackle will fit. It's a bit of a squeeze to get your fingers in there and tighten it down as it is.

    As for stability, I figured this thing would topple over pretty easily so these are my solution. Tiki torch holders. $5 a pop at Canadian tire, they accept and tighten down the sawhorse leg perfectly. All steel too!

    Here she is on range day. It worked perfectly. Cheap, easily replaceable parts as they take abuse down the road.. and the best part - it all folds up neatly and can be stored anywhere.

    Thanks again Glenn! This thing is going to bring me years of fun.
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    Awesome post! Thank you for sharing.

    The fact is Range Rabbit offers great products, but the real secret here is Glenn's incredible customer service. We need to spread the word and direct more people to him so they can see what good old fashioned customer service is about while at the same time receiving top notch products.

    Enjoy your setup!

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    Because of Glenn my credit card has declared a blood feud on me.
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