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Thread: Ratical firearms new shipment of ar15's are now in

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    A bunch of close friends in the states have Radical rifles with no complaints. As we mentioned they had some teething issues but all is sorted now. I'm planning on picking one up at some point to screw around with.

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    They have a great warranty and the supplier has all the parts in stock. A lot of the negative reviews that people are looking at are old and the guns have come a long way since they first came out. Some of the bad reviews are of people ramming 4000 rounds down the barrel as fast as they can get them down the tube until the gun fails. Last time I checked no one I know can afford to shoot like that or would abuse any gun they own in that way. I have sold several of these guns and I have had zero warranty calls on them so far. You get a lot of great options that come stock on the gun for a very affordable price. Granted it isn't a $5000 H and K but it also not $5000.
    All prices are plus applicable taxes and shipping.
    If you have any inquiries please visit our Web site
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    or for that personal touch give us a call (306)981-2880

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