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Thread: New: BCL102 ambi mag catch with engraved Maple Leaf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Liner740 View Post
    If I was home I'd be posting a picture if my $15 ambi mag release on my bcl. But sure. Go ahead. Keep thinking 72 for two pieces of metal, a spring and a pin is a good deal
    What brand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky52 View Post
    $72 is cheap. Anywhere in the states you find them is averaging $60 USD.

    so HA HA at you redliner......
    $60 USD is C$77.58 as it stands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by True North Arms Corp View Post
    Ambi mag releases which are sized bigger to fit the larger body of the BCL102. (An AR-15-size mag catch won't work)
    I must have missed the memo, as the one I put on works just fine.
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    Anyone know if this one will work, or where to source the ambi bolt release for the bcl-15? My lower didn't come with it and I can't get the one from a regular lpk to work for the life of me. Something about there being a hole where the spring is supposed to sit?

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    Looking for a rifle length receiver extension and buffer and spring for the 102.
    On a quest to make a PRS fit

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