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Thread: Wk180-c eta updates

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    Wk180-c eta updates

    I am starting this new thread where I will keep everyone advised on the latest developments and updates on the ETA for the WK180-C rifle. Feel free to add comments but I will delete them from time to time to keep this thread short and informative without having to struggle through pages of comments.

    We have had a problem with barrels, we had sourced them from a reputable manufacture, Steve from Kodiak visited them to check on their manufacturing facility everything looked good. Later when he checked on delivery Steve discovered that the manufacture had out sourced the barrels to a “no-name” sub contractor. We were assured our cost would be the same but no assurance on quality and no warranty to us. After lots of discussion we decided to cancel this barrel order and look elsewhere, this would mean delays, we were not sure then how long but we were not prepared to gamble with unknown barrel quality.

    Barrel blanks our now coming from Fedderson, steel is 4150 and they are button rifled. Kodiak will be profiling them , chambering and fitting barrel extensions. Barrel weight is approx. 1.98 lbs. We will have the first 140 barrels shipped to us the end of next week. Hopefully we will be able to keep the dry weight under 8 lbs. Photo of the barrel profile below.

    This barrel issue has set us back approx. 4 weeks, optimistically we will receive some rifles at the end of this month but we do not expect to be shipping before June, initial delivers will be slow but we intend to have weekly shipments from Kodiak and ramp up production as fast as we can.

    Below are photos of the production hand guard, I expect a sample here next week and more details will follow then.

    As always we thank everyone for their continued patience and support.

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    Thanks for the update! Hopefully production gets back on track soon!

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    Encouraging to hear the approach to QA.
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    Thanks for the update and good call on getting a better source for your barrels.

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    Imagine if BCL operated with transparency like this. There have been delays. Here is why. Pretty simple.

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    I am glad you guys decided to go this way. Waiting another month or so isn't a big deal. Thanks!
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    Glad to see you are not settling for an unknown and possibly sub-par product. Not only is this a QC issue but unknown and unproven components could potentially be a safety issue. You made the right call to do this.

    I'm not worried about the delay. I actually expected some. Production delays like this are inevitable.

    Thanks for being transparent and showing us that you are making every attempt to deliver quality product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jza View Post
    Imagine if BCL operated with transparency like this. There have been delays. Here is why. Pretty simple.
    Can we NOT sperg off topic on a thread that has nothing to do with BCL?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-II View Post
    Can we NOT sperg off topic on a thread that has nothing to do with BCL?
    Thank you. I was just gonna chime in. I'm getting really tired of hearing all this whining.
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    Would that be considered about medium profile?

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