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Thread: Armalite / Eagle Arms on Sale!

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    Armalite / Eagle Arms on Sale!

    Are you or your loved ones missing something in your life? Just have a void that you cannot seem to fill? Well Wolverine Supplies is here to help with the smoking deal on Armalite AR-15s!! Check them out at the link below, these bad boys are going on sale for $779.00 plus shipping and tax until they are gone! Everyone should have an AR in their collection and what better than one of the originals, the true AR-15 ( kinda, Eagle but still Armlaite... semantics really. )

    As always:

    You can E-mail us at:

    You can Call us at: 204-748-2454

    You can send at letter to: Box 729 , #1 River Valley Road, Virden, MB, R0M 2C0 , Canada

    You can send a messenger to : Lattitude - 49.89617 | Longitude - 100.85384 NE ¼ 5-11-25

    Link the the website and some smoking deals! -->


    The Eagle-15 is the flagship rifle of the new Eagle Arms Brand. We’ve Combined the legendary quality and manufacturing excellence of parent company, Armalite, with a value based configuration aimed at providing our customers with highly affordable general purpose Modern Sporting Rifle.

    The Eagle-15 ORC (Optics Ready Carbine) offers users a new level in versatility with its rail gas block. This will allow shooters to add on a wide variety of aftermarket sights. The Eagle-15 ORC remains true to delivering a valued based product with the same quality and commitment that is put into all Armalite rifles.

    Manufacturer: Armalite

    Model: Eagle-15

    Calibre: .223 Wylde

    Action: Semi-Auto

    Safety Type: Two-Position

    Trigger Type: Single-stage

    Barrel Specifications: 16" Chrome Moly Straight Taper Heavy Barrel

    Twist Rate: 1:8" RH

    Gas System: Carbine

    Muzzle Device: Flash suppressor

    Upper Receiver: Forged 7075-T6 aluminum flat-top with MIL-STD 1913 rail

    Lower Receiver: Forged 7075-T6 aluminum

    Furniture: 6-position collapsible

    Handguard: 6" standard

    Sights: A2 Front Sight Base ( or railed gas block )

    Finish: Anodized aluminum

    Capacity: 5

    Weight: 6.5 lbs.

    Overall Length: 32.25" / 35.50"

    Condition: New

    Classification: Restricted

    Accessories Included: 1x Magazine
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    I'll bite...
    That's a good deal! ��

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    I'd be all over it if they had chrome lined barrels.

    I like the straight taper barrel and 1:8 twist, but no chrome lining is a deal breaker.
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