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Thread: Kel Tec RDB 20" .223

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    Kel Tec RDB 20" .223

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    *Stock image used. Rifle does not come with sights or AFG. Has 20" Barrel, includes 1 magazine and sling.

    Through an ingenious and simple arrangement we have solved the main disadvantage of Bullpup rifles; case ejection. Traditional side ejection is not ambidextrous and forward eject, like in the FN 2000 or the Kel-Tec RFB, is quite complex.

    The RDB (Rifle Downward-eject Bullpup) features a rotary bolt with a spring loaded ejector and an

    extractor facing down. The spent case is pulled backwards along the top of the magazine and then ejected through a vertical chute. The hammer is U-shaped and runs outside the chute and above the magazine. Obviously, the bolt travel is longer than traditional designs but well within the ergonomic constraints of a rifle. Other advantages are gravity assisted ejection and a higher bolt energy at feeding.

    The RDB is built around a common steel skeleton formed by the receiver and barrel sub-assemblies. Bolt, bolt carrier, firing mechanism, ejector chute and bolt stop are identical for all variations. The short stroke gas operated piston is fully adjustable for different ammunition and muzzle attachments.

    Click HERE
    Please email all requests for information on product availability/ordering to Any prices quoted are only valid for 30 days from date of original posting. All firearm and ammunition sales subject to PAL verification.

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    can we get the survivor version ?...

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    Not yet.
    Calgary Shooting Centre

    For orders, please visit our online store or email us at:

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