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Thread: Canada's shortest NR firearm: Keltec KSG Tactical - 13.7" Barrel, 21.4" OAL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gentle_ben View Post
    As an owner of a regular sized KSG, I can tell you I would not want that firearm to be any shorter than it already is.

    Agreed, or else it makes it even easier to accidentally blast your hand off. Already a guy in the states blew his hand off when his foregrip came loose.

    (^broke link on purpose, fix space between www.)

    Make sure your foregrips are tight and add a hand stop in front of it. I did that plus added a muzzle break so the bore protrudes forward. Instead of flush (which is dangerous, but looks better. not worth losing a hand tho)

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    I just need a 13.7 barrel
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