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Thread: Canada's shortest NR firearm: Keltec KSG Tactical - 13.7" Barrel, 21.4" OAL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeOnePack View Post
    Looks like Keltec already knows what's good.
    Pardon? this one isnt any shorter (as is) than the full size KSG, its made so Americans can cut the barred down to the Tactical length once their paperwork comes back, but in Canada that does not work because we are not permitted to cut down barrels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaSigntist View Post
    F.R.T. is Not a secret in the least bit at all. You have to be in the firearms business to access it as far as I know. Which we do.
    you are incorrect

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkw View Post
    Would you kindly post the FRT for the firearm in question please?
    #136600 has an entry for a 348mm barrel that is n-r

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    Thanks Sawmill Creek, factual info is always welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daver_II View Post
    Looks like a knuckle blaster.
    needs a knob so your hand doesn`t slip off.
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