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Thread: Kel-tec RFB Semi-automatic 308 Winchester 24" 1551.72 USD NON Restricted

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    Can't see an ejection port/charging on the right side. Does this actually eject out on the left side? That would suck for righties. And it obviously can't eject downward like a KSG.

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    "F" is for foreward ejecting.

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    That barrel is to long, it just doesn't suit that bullpup configuration IMO . 20" max 18.5" even better.

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    It might look long, but side by side with my 20” RDB....My 24” RFB is actually just a touch longer...but way more slim and compact than the RDB. It just weighs more.

    IMHO, the 24” RFB is awesome....and it gets the (308)concussion a bit farther away from your face....makes it about exactly the same as shooting my 16” 308 MVP.....blast wise.....and very accurate

    Have shot both RFB’s....would take the RFB 24” any day over the 18” RFB

    Just my 2 cents
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