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Thread: Athlon 4.5-29

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    Athlon 4.5-29

    Once again, thanks to Go Big Tactical for dressing up another toy.

    Finally decided that this one is going to go on the short rem700 in 300winmag. Nice little truck gun/quadding rifle. Have too many long barreled stuff so needed a short (20" barrel). Color of the scope matches fairly good with the full block houge tan version.

    Scope seems to be built fairly well, easy to understand zero stop and good feel to the clicks. The edges to the magnification ring are cut fairly crisp and almost dig into my office worker hands... guess I need more yard work... Reticle is a little thicker than the S&B but still more than manageable, but only played out to 250yards with it. Mosquitos and lack of bullets were the limiting factor. Hopefully able to play further with it soon

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    Great post Blackburbot, thanks for sharing! (ps I fixed the image links on your post)

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