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Thread: New Ballistol Gun Care Products in Store!!!!

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    Hey anton520b,
    there is grease from Ballistol.
    Check this
    Tesro Inc
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    Mar 2017
    Wow, big surprise, thx Tesro.
    Ordered a few. For folks that wanna know about this grease here is what I copied from Tesro page:
    Ballistol Gun Grease is a High Performance grease with a ceramic additive. To be used with all sliding parts.

    Outstanding Sliding Properties
    Friction and wear reducing
    Without silicone and PTFE
    Temperature range -50C - +150C
    Neutral towards platics, laquer, wood and blueing

    I am a huge believer in grease after seeing a fellow at a range who put 4000 rds through his Glock 17, generously greased with gun grease of some kind, his barrel looks like it only had 100 rds max.
    Again, thx Tesro, Ballistol grease was a dream come true.
    "...and remember my son, it is not a CLIP what you insert into your pistol handle from the bottom, it's a darn MAGAZINE!!"

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