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Thread: 2018 Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge

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    2018 Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge

    It is with great pleasure that we return with the third annual Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge. This is an official Precision Rifle Series points race match held on the artillery range of the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre near Meaford Ontario.

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    Match Information

    Title Sponsor: Cadex Defence

    Please visit them at:

    Above are the logos of the generous sponsors who have signed on so far. They have donated some truly outstanding prizes! Show them your appreciation by visiting their websites and liking their Facebook pages.

    Dates: September 7-9th, 2018
    Location: 4th Canadian Division Training Center just outside of Meaford, Ontario, Canada.
    Stages: 18
    Distances: Up to 1200 yards possible (most stages will be ~300-800 yards)
    Round Count: 200 for the match (plus sight-in ammo)
    Zeroing: Friday prior to the match (100-600 yards or meters - tbd)
    Registration link:
    ***Registration for the match and for R&Q closes on July 31, 2018***

    PRS rules:

    Registration in advance of the match is required (including spectators). No walk-ons are allowed. Everyone going onto the firing pads must have attended the MANDTORY safety briefing and will be required to stay the entire day as movement to and from the range is done as a group. This includes all staff, competitors and spectators. Spectator registration will only be done once all competitors, staff and sponsors have been accounted for.

    You do NOT need to be a PRS member to shoot the match.

    We have use of the barracks and mess hall (optional). Lunches will be provided on the match days (included in the match fee).

    ATT letters for restricted firearms will be provided following registration to the match.

    If you are interested in sponsoring the match, please contact Ryan_mcle.

    If you are interested in helping RO, please contact me. We will provide your room and meals for the weekend. If you can assist us with setup between the 5-7th, you can shoot some of the stages when we finalize and proof them. Range staff will NOT be shooting the match (not possible with the PRS format).


    Q: Can I get a copy of the course of fire (CoF)?

    No. CoF in PRS matches is always different at every match. The only stages that are known in advance are the PRS skills stages in the rulebook. There are 4 of them, and 1 of them will be in the match. A match booklet will be given out to all of the competitors Friday evening with descriptions of each stage. It will contain a brief description of the stage, the target engagement sequence, the number of shooting positions, the number of shots on each target and the distances of each target. Here is an example from another match (we don't have a shoot house):

    Shoot House Shuffle

    Prep time: none
    Stage time: 90 seconds

    Stage Description: Your time will begin once you break the threshold of the second flood door. Starting at the base of the stairs, on the command of "Engage" shooter will move up and engage T1 , T2 and T3 with 1 round each from 3 different positions. Targets must be engaged in that sequence at each position. Load in your first firing position.

    Points possible: 9 (1 point per hit)
    Round count: 9

    T1 - 100% IPSC - 714 yards
    T2 - Head Flapper - 234 yards
    T3 - 66% IPSC - 455 yards

    You won't know what the stage looks like or what the shooting positions are until you get to the stage and the RO gives the stage briefing. Some people prepare their trajectories the night before. Others do it after the stage briefing. It's up to you.

    Q: Will there be any unknown distances (UKD)?

    No. All of the distances will be listed in the match booklet.

    Q: I'm shooting a 223/308, will it be enough to shoot this match?

    The majority of stages will be between 300 and 800 yards. Only one or two will be at 1000 yards or more.

    Will I need to walk, run or carry my gear over large distances?

    No. All of the stages will be on two artillery pads. Some stages will only have positions changes on one barricades. Others, may require 5-10 yards of movement at most.
    *Multiple stages will be running simultaneously.

    Will I be shooting both days?

    Yes. You will be in a squad. That squad will move to a stage and each shooter will have a turn at shooting the stage. When all of the shooters in your squad have completed the stage, the squad will move on to the next stage and repeat the process. All squads will be shooting on both days. There will be one person form each squad shooting at any given time.

    Q: Do I need to buy a PRS membership to shoot this match?


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    Huge thank you to the organizers and the amazing sponsors! Looking forward to retuning to Meaford!

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    Do they still have that ridiculous 168gn bullet weight limit for 308?

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    Can we use sharps ?

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