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Thread: Lee Enfield Broad Arrow C marking

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    Lee Enfield Broad Arrow C marking

    Lee Enfield Broad Arrow C marking

    After I got lucky with a Parade finished chromed Long Branch No.4 I spent years searching for another Mk 4.
    I finally found an un-sporteriezed rifle and added the wood I rescued to it.
    I think it looks good.
    I'm not sure that the Broad arrow C marking is legit though

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    When Canada entered WWII our equipment, Munitions and supplies we stamped with The Empires Broad Arrow -> with a C around it. History Buffs, Canadiana Collectors and military enthusiasts will certainly appreciate your good taste. Accessories not included
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    The Canadian acceptance mark of the 'C broad arrow' came into use circa 1905
    Look to your front, mark your target when it comes..

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