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Thread: We supply and stock CTOMS medical devices and IFAK kits

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    We supply and stock CTOMS medical devices and IFAK kits

    We supply our own CP operators and Risk consultants with CTOMS and TCCC-approved devices. We put orders in on a monthly basis. You can leverage our purchasing power with CTOMS and piggy back on our monthly orders by going here to order:

    Of note, we've created kits which we call Warrior and Professional. These are issued IFAKs to our own employees and contractors based upon our experiences as TCCC combat medics, CP medics, CP and EP operators.
    Each kit comes with a choice of CAT 7gen or SOF-TT tourniquet.
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    We highly recommend the The CTOMS Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course teaches the essentials required to provide self-aid and buddy-aid with respect to the larger tactical situation. It's not just for Police!
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