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Thread: Wk180-c feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black slide View Post
    Would anyone commenting own this rifle in place of a Norinco AR?
    I don't own one myself but, my buddy has a norinco and personally I like my WK much more. however, I have done upgrades, trigger, hand guard, butt stock and a couple other goodies. plus it's NR!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobbieLaidlaw View Post
    Hey guys, it turns out my BCG was nitrided. It did not break but i sent it in and Kodiak sent me a new one.

    It seems that Kodiak has made a series of improvements and i am very happy with them.

    First of all i would like to commend Kodiak and Wolverine for their terrific customer service, my case was dealt with quickly and effectively, i am very happy to have purchased a Canadian made firearm from a company who truly backs their product.

    The upgrades i have noticed with the new BCG are as follows:

    1: The coating on the BCG feels much better, my older BCG felt like some light coat whereas the new BCG has a solid feeling texture to it.
    2: I am sure you guys have already seen the BCG with Kodiaks logo accompanied by a serial number. I love it.
    3: The design of the BCG where the reciprocating rods meet the carrier have been reinforced and are not as thin as my older one. This to me is the most important upgrade to ensure that the BCG's are tough and withstand all necessary forces struck unto it.
    4:The charging handle and thread in the carrier are far better! I am very pleased with this improvement that Kodiak has made. My charging handle used to thread in loosely until the very end and then i would really need to bend an allen key to tighten it enough, i even needed to use blue locktite to keep the old handle in. The new handle and thread feel far better, the thread is tight as soon as you begin to turn it now. They have extended the length on the handle and put larger holes through the handle so now i can fit much larger allen keys through the handle and tighten it with no problem.
    5:It is now much easier to put the reciprocating rods into the receiver through the BCG. It just feels much smoother to put together now.

    These improvements are proof that Kodiak is and Wolverine are listening to us. Today, i have zero complaints about my rifle. They have improved many meaningful things.

    As i have previously written in this forum, my firearm is quite accurate, easily shooting around 2 moa with a high quality scope and low quality skill.

    Ive sent 150 rounds through with my new BCG with zero problems.

    My rifle has honestly never failed to feed or extract with any of my polymer or metal magazines.

    I have 650 rounds through my gun now and i am very happy with my purchase. This rifle feels as solid as my un-commissioned SKS, only far more modern and much lighter.

    To any one on the fence about this firearm, i personally believe all the minor kinks have been ironed out, along with great custom support, i highly recommend the WK180-c.

    I am really looking forward to the WK181 and the folding stock
    Hi, did I miss the logo thing on the BCG? Mine was recalled and I did receive the threaded but I did not receive BCG with a logo. Has any one else received without Kodiak logo?

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    My experience with a WK purchased from Cabelas with a serial in the 29XX range. Has a BCG with the Kodiak logo.

    - Followed break in procedure per the manual
    - Rifle shot fine for the first 100 or so rounds, then started FTE's every few rounds
    - Contacted Kodiak at 9pm and had a response at 10am the next morning instructing the installation of an extractor o-ring included in the spare parts kit
    - Installed and gave everything a good cleaning/oiling
    - Went out today and went through 150 or so rounds with not one failure
    - Shooting 1-2 MOA @ 100 yards with Federal 55 & 62 grain and a cheapo Bushnell Amazon scope (plus a lack of skill)

    I was a little disappointed when the first issue popped up but everything seems to be running smooth now and I'm very happy with the rifle in its current state. Props to Kodiak for the excellent customer service!

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    Had my WK for 9 months now, really like it.

    Bolted some AR parts I had in my parts bin, added a mag release button and straighter angle pistol grip feels way better.

    Like my AR better, but for $1000.00 and being NR the WK is great value. Had an extraction problem emailed Kodiak did the extractor no issues since.

    Group opened up as I shot.

    Accuracy is okay, if I can hit agrape at 50 yards I am okay that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeShmow View Post
    I cleaned my barrel and sanded the gouge:

    I cold then blued the barrel. Results are ok but not awesome:

    Lightly go over with double 0 steel wool and repeat process. It will only slightly darken each time you repeat process. I find heating the part up a bit helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black slide View Post
    Would anyone commenting own this rifle in place of a Norinco AR?
    Ive got a sw mp15 and the wk180c... Since I got the wk180c the ar has been to the range exactly 0 times. Wk180c has come most trips to the range and all bush trips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black slide View Post
    Would anyone commenting own this rifle in place of a Norinco AR?
    I prefer employing Canadian industry and workers. I've purchased 3x WK180s and 3x BCL102s.
    One each for myself and a WK180 for 2 daughters and a BCL102 for 2 sons-in-law.
    Why? Because they're Canadian made AND NON-RESTRICTED.

    AND - in both instances I've had nothing but excellent responses to any (rare) issues with these 6 rifles.
    Quality - function - and price.

    I have had Norinco products (M305 and CQ AR15) which functioned well - but they were from Communist China (you know the same one that's threatening HongKong) & frankly, my Canadian purchases have been a political statement beyond keeping industry and innovation here in Canada. As well, with Trudeau wanting to disarm law abiding Canadians, it was a salute to his upright barrel at a time.

    Yes I'm lucky enough to be able to do this, in the current national and global political climate, there's very little we can do beyond supporting our own people and our own freedoms. Only one vote available to each of us. But we can also vote by purchasing Canadian first.
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    Oh Canada! Canada eh!

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