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Thread: March 30th 2020 updates and Covid info

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    March 30th 2020 updates and Covid info

    With the Covid pandemic of late meaning some panic hysteria going on within society we have literally been inundated with inquiries by phone, email,fax and folks just dropping in wanting updates and some just wanting to shoot the shiite.

    We have closed our retail store to ALL walk in.
    IF you need something that we have in stock we can ship it or if you are local call or email us to purchase whatever you need and then we can arrange a time for pick up. To be clear here there will be no entry to our facility, no pay at the door etc. The transaction will be completed in advance and just a simple pick up. Think drive through.

    For the 20 to 30 folks we get emailing us for updates, please shake your heads. At this point in time EVERYONE in the world is working day to day, as we are. We have absolutely no clue whatsoever as to whether we will be able or allowed to work tomorrow, next week or next month. Just like everyone else in the world we are at the mercy of the various levels of government ever evolving new rules of the day and have no idea and cannot predict IF or WHEN 1 of us might catch this bug and force us to shut down.

    Each email, call, or fax takes time to respond to. Time which could be better employed keeping production running. To be blunt we can be wasting time answering useless correspondence or we can be making receiver sets, not both.

    We appreciate the fact that we have suffered some delays due to machine breakdowns, late shipping of raw materials etc.. We are getting very close to shipping out the early parts of run 3 and to the best of my knowledge everyone still waiting on run 2 sets have been apprised of their options.

    Rest assured to all that have outstanding orders. The minute your set is ready to go we will be contacting you to let you know.

    We are doing everything humanly possible to get sets out the door, but someone dropped our crystal ball and we have lost our ability to forecast what the future holds for any of us.

    Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!!
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    Please email all inquiries to NOT through PMs
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    Thanks you guys! You should be making a list, anyone that asked for an update be put on the list. Thus when receivers are ready they get theirs last. Remember that saying when we were kids, “Give me Give me never gets”. Maybe some kids weren’t told that enough.

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    Thanks for your hard work!
    Stay safe.
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    thank you for your hard work and for the update
    stay safe
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    Thank you.

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    Thank you for the update although I am patiently awaiting my receiver set the most important thing is that you and your staff stay healthy and safe. Keep up the good work and again thanks for the update!
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    "Each email, call, or fax takes time to respond to. Time which could be better employed keeping production running. To be blunt we can be wasting time answering useless correspondence or we can be making receiver sets, not both."

    So if I read you correctly, the wasted 2 to 3 hours answering impatient or just dumb inquiries? I know you are a trigger finger typist so assumed 2 to 3 hours?
    That equates to 10 or 15 parts if I remember what you told me time per part worked out to. Yikes!!

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    Stay safe and stay healthy guys!!! That's all that matters in these crazy times.
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    Nice logical try,but to those it is directed at,it means you wont know till after tomorrow .

    I do like the drive through idea ,build it and we will come.

    Order on website.
    Receive email it is ready.
    Pull up to drive through,scan PAL for ID.
    Pull up to window, sign you picked up.
    Guy drops stuff in trunk.


    Oh I can hear the lieberal tears hitting the floor already.

    Hope you all stay a step a head of all the crap that is going on and around.
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    Stay focused guys! Can’t wait to get mine!!

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