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Thread: Modern Sporter - Build Discussions

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    Modern Sporter - Build Discussions

    In an effort to keep the 'updates' thread a little less bogged down, and easier to navigate I've opted to start a thread specific to the discussion of what people are doing with their Modern Sporter builds! We as a manufacturer and small shop, can only carry so many brands and there are millions of options out there. So I want to see what YOU guys are all going to be putting on these, from barrels to handguards, triggers to stocks. We do carry a handful of parts that are on our website

    So obviously the receiver:

    On my own rifle, I'm on the fence between a proof carbon fiber barrel or a Jury stainless steel barrel (light contour). (.223 wylde)

    I'm leaning towards a PRI carbon fiber handguard in natural finish.... probably... or I might go FDE for the whole build.

    A timney calvin elite AR trigger.

    I need the Ergo deluxe grip, just can't go without it.
    I'm seriously contemplating a JP BCG... those things are an absolute work of machined art. And definitely a JP silent capture spring. I may use their anti-walk pins also, especially if I go FDE cerakote.

    And I'm still undecided on what stock to go with... I like the simple look of a fixed A2, but find the ergonomics to be VERY lacking.

    What are you all going with ?

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    I'm copying my Stag 10 build as close as I can. I have all my components order, just waiting on delivery:

    -Fulton Armory 20" Govt Contour Chrome Lined Barrel and Nickle Boron BCG Group
    -Midwest Industries G3 15" Handguard
    -PW Buffer Tube
    -JP Spring and Buffer
    -MFT Minimalist stock
    -Magpul Grip
    -Triggertech adjustable trigger

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    CGN Ultra frequent flyer griffin86's Avatar
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    Maple Ridge barrels 223 and 6.5 grendel
    458 socom barrel, not sure what brand, either Mcgowen or hopefully Maple Ridge.
    Brownell BCGs
    BCM LPKs, charging handles, and Buffer kits
    Brigand Arms Edge handguard
    Probably some Geissele Super 3 gun triggers
    Magpul CTR and maybe try a couple new stocks

    ETA: Just received my BCGs.

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    CGN Ultra frequent flyer Brianma65's Avatar
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    I have a 20 inch CA CFW barrel, Geiselle SSP trigger, B.A.D 15 inch HG,Magpul CTR,Hogue grip.
    Still undecided on the BCG

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    I am going low budget. I projected my SLR build (now my MS build) at <$2000.

    I’ve got:
    - Magpul MOE funrniture (ODG)
    - standard LPK and UPK from True North
    - a 20” CNA 5.56 barrel
    - rifle length gas system and generic low pro gasblock
    - NiB BCG from Brownells
    - Milspec trigger (to upgrade later)
    - I’ll be topping it off with a Leupold VX-2 2-7x scope in a Bushnell PEPR mount

    I can’t wait to get this thing started
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    CGN frequent flyer robab's Avatar
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    I’m going with a BCM theme / 3 gun look I want it light to carry also.
    Norc 20” pencil barrel
    Faxon brake (light model)
    Bcm stock , grip in FDE,
    Troy m lok 15” handguard FDE
    BCM QD endplate
    Stag BCG
    Scope is either a Leupold mark AR or Vortex strike eagle 1-6
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    Shaun, do you know the weight of the jury light profile?

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    Here’s mine!

    - 20” FN CHF barrel cut down to 18.5” with integral flash hider
    - Daniel Defense M4A1 Ris II
    - Geissele SD-E
    - Sopmod stock
    - EXPS3-0 Tan

    Hey Shaun, does the DD RIS II lock up ok with the upper?

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    CGN Regular Clvland's Avatar
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    Does the upper receiver have a hole for the anti rotation pin on the hodge Defense or noveske handguards?

    I’m thinking:
    Faxon 20inch gunner barrel
    V7 titanium gas block
    Bcm mlok rail with V7 ti Barrel nut
    Forward controls design 6315 muzzle device
    Vltor a5 buffer
    Pws ratcheting end plate
    Giessele SD-E trigger
    Radian raptor charging handle
    Scalarworks scope mount
    Vortex razor E 1-6
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