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Thread: Let's See Your WK!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habell View Post
    I don't know who makes them, but TNA sells them:
    Awesome, thanks!
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    Now if Friday can come faster !
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    Fab Defense GL-Mag Stock
    Hogue Pistol Grip
    Magpul MOE Rail Vertical Grip
    ALG ACT Trigger
    Forbis Tactical Ambi Mag Release
    Vortex 30mm 2" offset Scope Base
    Bushnell AR223 Tactical 1-4x24 Illuminated FFP Reticle Scope

    I will be using Mission First tactical 10 round Pistol Mags. All the Hera, Mission First and Fab Defense poly mags fit in smoothly and drop free easily. Will see how they feed when I go shooting. Also have a bunch of RRA 10 round pistol mags and will see how they fit and feed when I go as well. Other than a bit of slop between upper and lower and the gas block touching the handguard (From what I can see) very pleased with the unit. Will shoot it first to see if any bugs or if the gas block touching or the slop gets worse/has any practical effect on accuracy before going the warranty route. Otherwise really neat rifle and comfortable to hold and shoulder.

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    No such thing as too much ammunition or toilet paper...

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    You guys suck. To much cool in one thread...... Now back to counting the days until my WK shows up.

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    Here is mine. Leupold cantilever mount, Vortex viper 2.5-10x44, Geissele G2S trigger, VTacs sling

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVEL View Post
    Arfx stock, Hogue grip, Leopold vx2 2 x 7 on leupy rings, MS3 sling and a Magpul AFG.

    I've got the exact same stock waiting in my parts drawer for mine. Looks good
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    To the guys with fixed length stocks, hows the length of pull? I'm 6'2 if that helps. I'm leaning towards fixed length but worry its going to feel short

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    These are awsome!

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    I have enough plinkers, 308 please, before the 39 looks great . Lets us know if it makes it to the snd box.
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    363 The father of the AR 180, Please MRS Wolverine, before the my pine box. Kodiak Defence please feed my addiction.

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